HP DeskJet 2823e User Manual

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Brief summary:

  1. Get Started:

    • Printer views (Front and Rear)
    • Control panel features and display icons
    • Common tasks from the control panel
    • Print reports and change printer settings
    • Use HP Smart app and HP printer software
    • Turning the printer off
  2. Connect Your Printer:

    • Requirements for HP+ printers
    • Connecting to a Wi-Fi network using various methods
    • Wi-Fi Direct and USB connections
  3. Load Media:

    • Loading paper and envelopes
    • Loading originals on the scanner glass or document feeder
    • Paper basics
  4. Print:

    • Printing from Windows and Mac computers
    • Printing from mobile devices
  5. Copy, Scan, and Mobile Fax:

    • Copying and scanning methods
    • Using Webscan and Mobile Fax
  6. Configure Your Printer:

    • Access and use the Embedded Web Server (EWS)
    • Change paper and network settings
    • Assigning system passwords and using Web Services
  7. Manage Cartridges:

    • Dynamic security and cartridge management
    • Checking ink levels and ordering supplies
    • Replacing cartridges and using single-cartridge mode
  8. Solve a Problem:

    • Updating the printer
    • Interpreting error codes, lights, and icons
    • Troubleshooting various printer issues
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