Epson ET-2810 Printer Manual

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Here are the most important points from the Epson ET-2810 Series user manual:

Initial Setup

  • Unpacking and Setup: Instructions for unpacking the printer, connecting the power cable, installing ink cartridges, and loading paper.
  • Connecting to a Network: Steps for connecting the printer to a wireless network using the printer control panel or software.

Basic Functions

  • Printing:
    • From a computer (Windows and Mac OS).
    • From smart devices (iOS and Android).
    • Using cloud services.
  • Copying:
    • Basic copying instructions.
    • Making multiple copies.
  • Scanning:
    • Scanning to a computer or smart device.
    • Advanced scanning options such as scanning multiple photos at once.


  • Checking Ink Levels: How to check and refill ink tanks.
  • Improving Print Quality: Instructions for cleaning the print head, running power cleaning, and aligning the print head.
  • Cleaning: Tips for cleaning the paper path, scanner glass, and the printer itself.
  • Updating Firmware and Software: Instructions for updating the printer’s firmware and software to ensure optimal performance.


  • Common Issues: Resolving issues related to power, paper feeding, printing, and scanning.
  • Error Indicators: Understanding the printer’s lights and status indicators.
  • Paper Jams: Instructions for removing jammed paper and preventing future jams.
  • Resetting Network Settings: How to reset the printer’s network settings when changing the router or computer.

Advanced Features

  • Web Services and Cloud Printing: Setting up and using web services for remote printing.
  • Energy Saving Mode: Configuring energy-saving settings to reduce power consumption.
  • Wi-Fi Direct: Connecting smart devices to the printer using Wi-Fi Direct for direct printing without a network.

Additional Information

  • Consumables: Information about ink bottle codes and compatible paper types.
  • Technical Specifications: Printer, scanner, and network specifications.
  • Support: Contact information for Epson support and troubleshooting help.

These points cover the essential aspects of using and maintaining the Epson ET-2860, L3270, ET-2810, and L3250 series printers.

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