Canon MAXIFY GX6550 User Manual

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Brief Summary:

  • Copying:

    • Ensure the printer is turned on and follow the on-screen instructions to select the copy function. You can adjust copy settings such as the number of copies, color mode, and paper size.
  • Printing:

    • Ensure the printer is properly connected to your device, either via USB or network. Adjust print settings as needed and select the desired document to print. For mobile printing, you can use the Canon PRINT app.
  • Scanning:

    • Place the document on the scanner and select the scan function on the printer’s touch screen. You can save the scanned document to a USB drive, computer, or send it via email.
  • Maintenance:

    • Regular maintenance includes cleaning the print head, aligning the print head, and ensuring the ink tanks are filled. Follow the on-screen maintenance prompts to perform these tasks.
  • Troubleshooting:

    • If the printer does not print, ensure it is turned on and properly connected. Check for any error messages on the touch screen and refer to the manual for specific troubleshooting steps. Common issues include paper jams, low ink levels, and connectivity problems.
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